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The SkySQL Reference Architecture at the MySQL UC in Santa Clara

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Only few more hours, it is almost here. The long awaited Reference Architecture from SkySQL is going to make its first appearance at the MySQL User Conference in Santa Clara this week.

SkySQL is going to contribute to the evolution and innovation of MySQL from both coasts of the United States. A total of 10 between presentations, tutorials and events will help the MySQL users in Santa Clara and in Orlando in understanding how they can leverage the use of MySQL, improve performance, scalability and high availability. You can find the complete schedule of the MySQL UC and Collaborate 11 here (UC) and here (C11). Regarding the SkySQL Reference Architecture, information regarding the events and the booth are here.

I hope you will stop by on Wednesday at the panel (11.55am – Ballroom H) or at the launch party (6pm – Magnolia Ballroom), I will be glad to give you more details and all the information you may need.


Written by Ivan Zoratti

11 April 2011 at 3:17 am

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MySQL User Conference: InnoDB vs NDB – Let the fight begin!

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While wearing my hat of Sales Engineer, I have been asked several times what is the difference between InnoDB and MySQL Cluster/NDB and when it makes sense to use one storage engine or the other. Some may probably think that this is a trivial question: the two engines are so different that there is really no point to compare them. The reality is not so clear though: there are many situations where I have found InnoDB stretched to the point where MySQL Cluster would have been a perfect fit, and other occasions were users implemented a solution based on MySQL Cluster and InnoDB would have been the perfect choice.

This is the reason behind my talk at the MySQL User Conference in Santa Clara: InnoDB vs NDB. I will co-present the session with my good old friend and ex-colleague Johan Andersson – if you know Johan, you may guess who will take the part for NDB! 🙂

Rest assured it will be a serious and fair comparison between the two engines, but we will do our best to interact with the audience and to make the session enjoyable.

After the session the slides will be available from the O’Reilly site and I will continue to provide information regarding this topic from the MySQL4All blog and from the SkySQL web site.

If you are so lucky to attend the User Conference in Santa Clara this year, please come and join us. If you have questions that you want to raise prior to the presentation and perhaps you would like to topics cover, feel free to send me a message and I will do my best to add the topic to the presentation.

Enjoy the match!


Written by Ivan Zoratti

9 April 2011 at 2:59 am

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